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Wifi Sensei is a recruiting company that gets teachers an interview with the best online English schools for kids.

We map out the specific requirements to get positions and provide information about how to pass the interview and mock lesson so that you can start teaching in as little as two weeks.

  • Class sizes are small, 1-2 children. Students range from 5 - 13 years of age. 

  • Each class is 50 minutes long, you are paid for 1hr, all materials are provided.

  • One-year contract to start (minimum).

  • Pay is USD 18-30 an hour. The hourly rate is determined by several factors such as your previous online experience teaching children, the mastery and relevance of your degree to education, and your teaching skills during a 10-minute long mock lesson class.

  • Minimum 8 hours a week required and it is possible to work full time if you wish.

  • Choose teaching days and times that are convenient for you, hours available 7days a week.

  • We offer a 120hr online teaching certificate at a minimal cost.

  • If you apply through Wifi Sensei we will provide vital information about how to pass the interview and mock lesson.


We offer the most affordable accredited 120hr TESOL course with certificate online.

Provide one free resume feedback review. Coaching on your demonstration lesson.

  Connect you with English schools that are hiring now and support you through every step of the application process.

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• Bachelor Degree or higher

• 1 Year professional experience teaching children (Private lessons are excluded)

• Professional ESL teaching experience 
• Hold a minimum 120hr teaching certificate such as a TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, DELTA. You can apply with the intention to get a course by following the instructions below.

• Native English speaker and citizens of the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland preferred

• A quiet place with a clean background and stable internet connection

• A sense of humour to entertain kids 

• Operating system Windows or MAC OS Flash. Software - PowerPoint or Keynote, Adobe Acrobat, Zoom, a noise-cancelling headset

• Be available 8 hrs a week minimum



What is the recruiting process?

Resume screening > Mock Class > Contract Signing > Launch

How can I prepare for the mock class?

Once you have passed the resume screening you will be provided with the lesson material for your mock lesson. We will help you through the entire process with videos and tips.

Do I need to plan for the lessons?

You will be provided with the lesson material. However, you're required to familiarise yourself with the lesson material ahead of class. 

How many students are there per class?

There are usually 1-2 students in one class. 

How long is each class?

Each class is 50 minutes long. You need to be in the online class at least 5 minutes before it starts.

What are the available class times?

Beijing time/GMT+8

Weekdays: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Weekends: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Are my teaching hours guaranteed?

Your schedule is not guaranteed. It takes a few weeks for you to build a good reputation to get your schedule filled up. Once the students choose you as their teacher, you will have them for 25 classes, usually once a week. So students 

can have continuity, teachers must commit to the same schedule for 6 months.

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We offer an accredited online course that comes with the certificate you need to apply for most well-paid positions in foreign language teaching.


To be able to market yourself you need to be certified as a qualified language teacher.




In 2019 China made it obligatory for Chinese online schools to prove that their teachers are licensed. This has always been the case in other Asian countries since the demand for native foreign language teachers opened up twenty years ago. We believe this is a good thing for raising standards in education.

You can apply for a position with our schools with the intention to get a certificate by stating on your resume that your course is in progress and then once you have passed the resume screening you can complete the certificate.

No matter how much teaching experience you have, if you don't have a minimum of 120hr certified study hours as a teacher you will be declined, no exceptions. 

This is your ticket to teach and travel around the world.

If you complete the IOA online course successfully, you will receive an International Open Academy TESOL certificate with the required certificate number. However, you can apply while you're still completing it as long as it is finished by the time you sign your contract.

Take a screenshot of your enrolment email from IOA that clearly shows your name and that you have enrolled in the 120hr TESOL course. Your proof of enrolment should show the school's name (International Open Academy) and should be added to the last page of your resume. 

This is an article about China's new certificate regulations for online education.



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Peak Hours


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The students are based in BEIJING CHINA where peak hours are 7- 9PM. Please note that your timetable may change with daylight savings.

Peak Hours

Peak Hours

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Hiring managers can go through a lot of resumes in a day, and they want to see that you have the basic criteria within the first few seconds of reading your resume. We provide the template and checklist that gets you hired below. 

PHOTO: These are positions for teaching young Chinese children. You have two opportunities to present yourself in your application, one in your resume photo and the other as an attachment. In your resume photo, your portrait should make you look like a professional. Remove any facial piercings and don't wear revealing or strappy clothes. A t-shirt is good, a collared shirt is better. Have a plain background or one that is decorated like a classroom. If you decorate a wall and stand in front of it as if it were the one you teach in front of, you will look like you know exactly what you're doing and greatly increase your chances of getting an interview. The decorations only need to fill 1 metre of the wall directly behind you. 












PERSONAL DETAILS: Date of birth, phone number, current country and state, citizenship and Native English Ability. 

OBJECTIVE: Your objective should tick all the boxes for the hiring manager so they can email you for an interview. 

Tailor this statement so that it is accurate for you. In the last line write in your own words how you feel about teaching children.

I am a professional English teacher and native speaker from (your town/city), (AUS, NZ, CAN, IRE, US, UK) with a Bachelor's degree and a (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or currently obtaining one of these). I have (1) year(s) of experience teaching English to children at a professional school (and I also have online teaching experience). I enthusiastically enjoy teaching young children.

Your resume should then include details such as the name of the school(s) and the age range of the students.

If you don't have the online experience you can state that you looking for online experience rather than that you already have it. If you have more than one year of experience you can write how many years you have. 

EDUCATION: Degree and Teaching English as a Second Language certificate, that's it. No need to put your high school. If you don't already have a certificate you can enrol in the International Open Academy accredited and certified 120hr TESOL course you can put it on your resume as long as you state that you have the intention to get one or that it is in progress if not already completed.


International Open Academy

120hr TESOL Certificate                                                               2020

Yale University
Bachelor of Arts Degree                                                               2017



TEACHING EXPERIENCE: You must have 1-year minimum experience teaching children. Make sure that you use actionable language and hard numbers to describe ages when adding details.

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We offer one free resume review with feedback and suggestions on how you can improve it. You then have an opportunity to make any necessary changes to your resume before sending it back and then we will either refer you to an English school or decline your application. 


Every third applicant is declined ~ and it's almost always because applicants haven't made the effort to tailor their resume for a teaching position or they haven't used our free template. Qualified applicants that use our template pass their resume screening instantly.

Before you send in your resume please check that it has the following:



1. Is a descriptive short paragraph.

2. Describes how much I love teaching kids.

3. Highlights that my professional teaching experience with children is more than one year and that I want this position because I enjoy working with kids.




4. Has my English as a Second Language certificate listed at the top.

5. If I have enroled but haven't obtained my certificate yet because it is in progress, I have written:

International Open Academy

120hr TEFL Certificate (In progress)                                              2020


6. My resume clearly says Bachelor’s Degree in (subject) at the top.

7. My high school information is not listed here.


Teaching Experience

8. Demonstrates that I have at least one year of experience teaching children.

9. Shows that I have general ESL teaching experience.

10. Details the ages and levels of my students and what I taught them.


Profile Photo

11. One professional-looking, formal portrait with a clear background or decorated like a classroom on my resume.

13. One or more photos prepared as an attachment to my resume, in which I am teaching children.

14. My profile photo has good contrast, I am looking at the camera showing that I have good eye-contact, clearly showing my face. The background is blank and it doesn't look I casually took a selfie in my bathroom mirror or in my car. The photo is not taken on an angle and is not in a group of people. I have not cropped anyone out of the photo.

Save and Send

15. My resume is saved as: 'My Name'.pdf

16. My resume isn't saved as Wifi Sensei (my recruiter) nor is it referenced in my resume

Submit your resume 

We look forward to hearing from qualified applicants!